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Two thank you cards, one bridal shower invitation, and one baby shower invitation.

Julia Russ Scrapbook.pdf
A graduation booklet filled out by Julia Russ, class of 1948 at Fort Lauderdale High School. The book includes information such as her class schedule, details about her commencement ceremony, awards she won, and signatures from high school friends.

An invitation to the graduation of 1974 class of Franklin County High School. The commencement is scheduled for May 23, 1974 at 7:30 pm. On the left of the invitation is a name plate with the name Miss Pamela Ann Sims.

Four high school graduation invitations including Franklin County High School Class of 1974, Franklin County High School Class of 1975, Franklin County High School (undated), and Elyria High School Class of 1997.

A program for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Desegregation of the Franklin County Public School. The program includes information about the historical marker and the Sewanee Civic Association. The back also thanks community members and…

A certificate from Dwight Rogers, a Florida Congressman, for the completion of high school.

A scrapbook page with two pieces of paper attached. The paper on the left is a business size card with the name Miss Julia Ann Russ. The paper on the right is an invitation that announces the graduation of the 1948 class of Fort Lauderdale High…

Part of a brochure and itinerary for a trip to the Holy Land with options for Cairo, Egypt, Luxor, Jordan, and Petra.

A wedding program for Karen Lynn Farris and Allen Lane Robinson on September 30, 1995 at Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church in Winchester, Tennessee.

An invitation that announces the graduation of the 1997 class of Elyria High School. The commencement is scheduled for June 9, 1997 at 7:30 pm.
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