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Photograph of Raymond Taylor leaning against a blue car. Taylor is wearing a cap, white button down shirt, and dark colored pants.

Photograph of Gordon, Shirley, Dessie, and Victoria Taylor (left to right).

Photograph of Gordon Taylor from the shoulders up. Taylor is wearing a multicolored sweater.

Photograph of Aezia, Ariana, and Gordon Taylor. Gordon Taylor is pictured seated on a sofa with Aezia and Ariana seated in his lap.

Photograph of Victoria Taylor Dupree and Crystal Dupree. Victoria is seated and Crystal is leaning over her shoulder. Both Victoria and Crystal are dressed in black.

Victoria Taylor Dupree is wearing a pink suit and is pictured seated with Crystal wearing a pink and white dress in her lap. Ricky is standing next to them wearing a plaid shirt.

Graduation photograph of Shirley Taylor. On the reverse of the photograph is a handwritten note from Shirley to Helena

Photograph of Victoria Dupree Taylor. Dupree is wearing a white shirt and a black blazer.

Photograph of Gordon Taylor as an infant. Taylor is seated and is wearing light colors. Photograph taken at Coulson Studio in Cowan, Tennessee.

Photograph of Gordon, Shirley, Helena, Raymond Dupree, Victoria, Dessie, and Raymond Taylor (right to left)
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