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Daisy Collier's receipt from Drs. Newell and Newell. Dates January 6, 1935. The receipt total is $112.00

Typed document titled "Colyar Family Facts" The document includes facts about births, deaths, and other life events of the Colyar family.

A certificate from the State of Tennessee to Mabel Colyar for the completion of elementary school. Dated May 1, 1936.

Virginia Collier is pictured (right) seated at a table at the Club DeLISA in Chicago, Illinois. She is wearing a dark colored dress and a hat. Collier is seated next to her husband Jake Dozier. Dozier is wearing a dark colored striped suit. Mabel…

Virginia Collier is pictured (right) seated at the Club DeLisa in Chicago, Illinois. Collier is wearing a white blouse with a black vest. Collier is also wearing a feathered hat. There is a man and a woman both wearing dark colored clothing seated…

Betty Moyer is photographed walking down the sidewalk. She is wearing a dark colored suit and hat. She is holding a handbag in her arms. There is a woman walking down the sidewalk behind her.

Virginia and David are seated at a table in a nightclub. Virginia is wearing a white feather hat. David is wearing a dark colored shirt. Clubgoers are in the background.

Mabel (Colyar) Johnson is photographed seated in a chair. Johnson is wearing a dark colored suit jacket, eyeglasses, and a pillbox style hat.

Mable Sammons is photographed kneeling in prayer at an altar. Sammons is wearing a white and dark colored robe. The text on the card reads "Bishop Mable Sammons Founder of St. Joseph Christian Spiritual Church 5335 Michigan Avenue. Chicago, Illinois"

Mable Sammons is photographed sitting on a bench with her hands folded in her lap. Sammons is wearing a white dress with a cross necklace.
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